The Rev

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're Coming To Your Town, So Get Yo Panties Down

So the warm up shows are done, with varying degrees of success. Overall a job...done. Raliegh was tight, Asheville strong too, shit got a little loose in Wilmington, but nothing tragic and nothing that won't be tighter tonight in Charlotte as we jump onto 8 shows with Kylesa. We recognize the opportunity and plan to seize it with both hands. We recognize that their fans aren't generally our fans but hope to turn a few heads and sell a little merch. I have high but realistic hopes. Will the arthouse (I don't wanna use the word hipster) crowd be sold on our brand of traditional metal/occult doom? Eh....time will tell. I have faith that the power of this style and this bands songs can win even the most jaded of bookbag wearing adults. Sorry I've been blog lazy but normally I rant about this or that, general irritants (Dane Cook, bad head, etc...) but this last month has found me stepping and fetching like a son of a bitch and having a good goddamn time. I travel most weekends to Central NC and kick it with my new fiancee (what, what??) And her kids. That segment of life has been dope as fuck and I couldn't ask for more. Than I arise early monday and haul ass back home for a week of daytime band practice. The loop has been relentless, and with the exception of a couple of episodes of squidbillies, it has been nonstop. We will be home on june 5, but gotta get busy writing a new tune because we are in the studio in late june doing a 7" I believe and directly after that about 3 weeks with Sour Vein. Hello financial ruin, fancy meeting here again. I will stay on top of this as america rolls beneath our wheels. Big ups.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Do any of ya'll want to be in a cult?
I finally have a yard that offers me the room for upwards of 30 tents/tee pees. I'm living the dream.  Fuck the grid, fuck america and fuck off. Come down to the Ben Hogg compound. Rent will be divided among all subscribers. Daily rhetoric will be spouted. And when the day comes they hassle me about the shanty town that has sprung up in the yard, we kill everyone including ourselves.  I envision more of a Manson family thing than a hippie double penetration compound. More Sabbath than Zepplin.  Contact me for further instruction.
Love, Ben.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Enslaved By Roaches

Like all living things humanity is bacteria.  We are compelled to procreate for the same reason as the hunta virus does, to propagate the strain. We class it up with wine, wedding gowns and a wall mounted battalion of dildos, but our continued existence as "mankind" relies on us collapsing to the carnal. So I propose 2 options. 1) why fight it?  as I see it as the population continues to grow our earth born resources will be squandered at a startling rate. Forcing all of nature to collapse under the workload "we" put on her. This method will assure our extinction. I believe the good mother knows what is best most likely and I hope we would be shaken clear like fleas on a dog before we can knock the planet from its axis and send her gloriously barreling into the sun. or 2) cease the operation. We could give reproduction a rest. I know we all want to look at a miniature disgusting likeness of ourselves, but think of the benefits. No more expansion of schools, roads, hospitals, prisons. As everyone ages and dies with  no dick kid turns into a teen to replace them, humanity could shrink 20 percent in 20 years.  Keep it up for 100 years and everyone could be gone! Self annihilation is what we owe the planet for tolerating us for this long and really the most responsible solution,. It could be a going away present to the ol'girl.  Everything that is born, dies. Planets are no exception.  Of course plan 2 will never be adopted as long as 2 people insist on irresponsibly fucking the world full of more people I never want to meet.  So in lieu of responsibility, we are gonna go down swinging with a full accompaniment of assholes to watch their skin bubble as we go on into glory ride. Hope to see you there. B

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Dunno What This Says About Me

...a month ago I set up shop and rented a little shanty for 400 bucks a month.  Places in that price range tend to come with a few kinks. My shit is no exception. Upon move in I noticed that my toilet simply dumped human waste onto the ground. It was a pipe to nowhere. Also, there is no heat or air.  There is a fireplace, which explains why it has a continuous scent of a house fire. I'm good with all these minor irritants as I aint a bitch.  Earlier this week I made the grim discovery of mice popping in and laying down their vermin shits in my sink and cupboards.  So, to Big Lots I went and I aquired a 4 pack of head snapping fun. Of course I cheaped out and got the shitty ones. So on day one I excitedly loaded peanut butter upon the trigger and smiled because I didn't snap my damn fingers loose. I slept with a kNowing smile. I wake up and rush for the traps like a boy to a christmas tree. all the peanut butter was devoured yet no trap had triggered. The mice were members of the clean plate club.  Needless to say, I was inconsolable. Beaten but not broken, I modified the traps to fire more easily and added poison to my arsenal. Killing is my business and as of this morning, business is good. 2 traps still were eaten and not fired but good ol' #3 made me feel like a big man for putting an end to the brown and white varmit. Traps reloaded, and I'm out of town for 2 days so I anticipate returning to an array of corpses. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


...We all realize that America isn't real don't we? Canada isn't any more valid than the Land of Make Believe. Europe and all the countries that that includes is merely a series of invisible lines.
These are just a series of governments. Taxing, controlling, oppressing, money printing, restraining governments. I'm no more an American than I am an Ewok. These are just made up and goddamednable. When we play along, like adults at a childs imaginary tea party, it only feeds their fucking egos and the machinery that they grease. I just registered my vehicle in the state of North Carolina (again, an invisible expanse) to the tune of 160 dollars. I was wedged in the room with my cattle brethern and it occured to no one "why?". Why so much? Why the wait? Why is this even required? Beaurocratic profiteering bullshit. We are raped daily and we put our hands over our hearts when they sing the fucking anthem. Its as if you had to suck your grandpas cock and then send him a thank you note.  I sing satanic doom metal but that, my friends, is truly evil.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Salt The Ground

I know this blog was named "Salt Ov the Earth" by my big bossman Harrington, in an effort to catch my "good ol' boy" gravy cracklin authentic mountain gibberish and house it in this potential profit spot. He is aware of my prediliction towards nihilism.  That being said, as I enjoy my second can of store brand asparagus, I feel I should let people behind the curtain.  I love to hate. I also feel that the 5 years the US Navy siphoned off of me permits me to shoot my mouth off as freely as I please. I saw the grotesque establishment up close and found it unworthy of my respect and I encourage you to find it within yourself to snub authority figures and let them sense your disdain. Cops aren't your friends and are a societal ill. Protect your own brood and stay as far away as possible. Generally powermad and not worth the pleasantries you usually reserve for your neighbors dogs.  Military members are either ego whores or are jaded and want out (it's a pretty mixed bag). Our elected officials are worthy of the ammo that all too occasionally whizs by their heads filled with self import.  I turn my back to these people and respect others willing to do the same.  As I see it 2012 could be the grand leveler, and not something to be feared. I do not fear death as long as everyone comes along with me. I don't want to miss anything. While I do find myself separating my trash for recycling purposes, at heart I would really prefer the earth be salted so nothing can grow here ever again.